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Monday, November 7th, 2005
12:39 pm
Tom Cruise Hires a Real Publicist, or, Just say no to Xenu - DAMAGE CONTROL!
Tom Cruise has hired veteran publicist and Rogers and Cowan co-chairman Paul Bloch to handle his publicity activities, including those for Cruise-WagnerCruise-Wagner Prods.
Move replaces Cruise's sister, Lee Anne DeVette, who had been serving as his publicist since March '04, when he parted ways with longtime reprep, PMK/HBH's Pat KingsleyPat Kingsley.

DeVette has been a professional associate of Cruise's for years, working alongside the actor at his production company Cruise-Wagner Prods. Before taking the lead as his publicist last year, she focused on the marketing and publicity of his films. With the current change, she will completely step away from CWP activities and segue to job in which she will oversee the operations and planned expansion of Cruise's charitable work.

"Lee Anne has done a wonderful job on behalf of myself and Cruise-Wagner Prods. over the last few years," Cruise said in a statement. "But she has always expressed a desire to oversee and expand the day-to-day activities of my charitable endeavors. With our current plans to increase those endeavors, and Cruise-Wagner's increased production slate of film and television projects, this seemed the appropriate time to make that segue and bring Rogers and Cowan on board to handle mine and the company's entertainment-related publicity needs."

DeVette said: "I know how important Tom's charitable goals are to him, and I look forward to assisting in raising the profile of the good works that he does on behalf of children's health issues, mentoring, literacy and other social reforms, as well as the general betterment of the human condition."

Cruise, his comments and his behavior have recently been battered by the media.

With Bloch, Cruise joins a roster that includes John TravoltaJohn Travolta, Bruce WillisBruce Willis, Sylvester StalloneSylvester Stallone, Billy Bob ThorntonBilly Bob Thornton, Geena Davis, Anthony HopkinsAnthony Hopkins, Jerry BruckheimerJerry Bruckheimer, Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley, Steve BingSteve Bing, Chris TuckerChris Tucker, Michael KeatonMichael Keaton and David and Victoria Beckham.
Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
4:38 pm
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Movie star Tom Cruise and his fiance, actress Katie Holmes, are expecting a baby together, a spokeswoman for the actor said on Wednesday.

News that Holmes, 27, is pregnant with Cruise's child was first reported by People magazine on its Web site.

"I can confirm that," spokeswoman Marlan Willard said when asked about the report, but added that she had no information about a due date or any other details.

A statement from Cruise's chief publicist, sister Lee Anne DeVette, added: "Tom and Katie are very excited, and the entire family is every excited."

No wedding date for the couple has been set.

Cruise, 43, and Holmes, 27, began dating in mid-April, and he proposed to her in June at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, announcing their engagement the next day at a news conference.

A month earlier, Cruise had drawn snickers and raised eyebrows with a manic, couch-hopping appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey" show professing his love for the actress.

...Could this actually be the reincarnated L. Ron Hubbard child of Scientology lore? Everyone, check your e-meters immediately for possible thetan activity. This whole thing stinks of artificial insemination.
Wednesday, August 24th, 2005
5:32 pm
Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005
4:12 pm
Tom Cruise: Batshit Crazy
Scientologist Tom Cruise revealed that he is much older than the forty three years he has spent in his present body. Tom Cruise noted that he is “old beyond reckoning.” What’s more, his current life is “probably one of the least satisfying” he has led. […]

Cruise said he became aware that he “had been here before,” when he read the complete works of Shakespeare in a month, despite being dyslexic, not long after dropping out of high school.

“Shakespeare was deja vu for me,” said Tom Cruise. “It was so cool. I felt as if I had seen his words already, knew them all by heart. Then, after I began studying scientology, I realized the words had come from my heart in a previous life. That’s why I say that as glorious and enviable as my present life is, making “War of the Worlds” and all those other great movies can’t compare to writing “Romeo and Juliet” or the sonnets.
Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
1:54 pm
Tom Cruise: Universal Jackass

So, on the Comedy Central roast of Pam Anderson, several roasters took time to make fun of ol' Mr. Scientology, himself:

“One of the roasters, Greg Giraldo, said, ‘Pam, you being the star of a show about books and reading, is like Tom Cruise starring in a show about vaginas,’ ” according to a source.

“Another roaster Sarah Silverman, joked that she knew comedian Andy Dick was definitely straight because he just hit on [Cruise’s sweetie] Katie Holmes,” says another.

Are the organizers behind the event worried that the notoriously litigious Cruise will sue? “They were just jokes,” a Comedy Central spokeswoman tells The Scoop “Tom Cruise can take them however he wants to.”


Thursday, July 21st, 2005
1:30 pm
Glamour Magazine Scientology Story
Apparently Glamour magazine is running a scientology expose:

An insider at Glamour said, “The story is about a woman who grew up in the church and literally fled to the country to escape her husband, mother and the Scientologists she lived with. During our fact-checking, we called the L.A. headquarters and several hours later two Scientologists showed up at Conde Nast and had security call the editor of the story to tell her she had visitors. In our offices, they demanded to see the story but we declined, noting we don’t release stories until they are on stands. They showed up twice more that week with DVD’s and books about Scientology and then finally with their comments. During the last visit, the Scientologists saw the latest issue of Glamour with Nicole Kidman on the cover with the tagline tease, ‘Nicole opens up about Tom,’ and demanded copies.”

Nice... they are so coy.
Monday, July 18th, 2005
7:27 pm
Michael Caine Quote:
"I remember Katie as a quiet little girl who wouldn't say boo to a goose. Obviously some metamorphosis has gone on there. I keep hearing she is going to be the next Mrs. Tom Cruise - she's a bit on the tall side."
7:25 pm
7:22 pm
Tom Crusie Sure Knows How To Chase Them Off...
DID Nicole Kidman become deeply immersed in Scientology before she became disenchanted and quit the quirky "religion"? Scientology insiders tell PAGE SIX Kidman didn't just "take a few courses" while married to ex-husband Tom Cruise, as was commonly assumed, but actually reached an elite level of the religion called "OT II" that only select Scientologists attain. The extent of Kidman's involvement was kept under wraps, our spies tell us, because Scientology elders worried it looked bad to have a public figure delve so deeply into the religion and suddenly bolt. Kidman's alleged disillusionment with the faith would explain her friction with Cruise over Scientology, which many people close to the couple blame for their 2001 divorce. One major issue was whether the couple's two adopted children would be raised in the sci-fi-based religion — which seems to be happening. As we reported last week, 12-year-old Isabella Cruise has begun taking courses in the celeb-obsessed sect. A rep for Kidman did not return calls.
Thursday, July 14th, 2005
12:13 pm
Katie Holmes' Brain Replaced with Sugar-Free Jello.
So, the Letterman re-run with Katie Holmes supposedly promoting Batman Begins was on last night. She's in a complete trance. She could barely speak. The only adjective she could muster to describe Tom Cruise was "Amazing". She used it 12 times. We counted. Whenever Dave would give her shit, she'd just trance out. Sounds like another case of the E-Meter and the damage done. Poor Katie Holmes... she's a brainwashed moron now.
12:12 pm
Just Amazing and Extraordinary
HOW do Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes love each other? Let us count the ways. Well, not that many ways, it turns out.

Though the "smitten" duo has blabbed plenty to the media about their romance, a close look at their rantings reveals they haven't said a whole lot.

Rather, they tend to stick tightly to a script drawing heavily on a few choice words: "extraordinary," "love" and "amazing" among them. Are they being coached?

No comment from the couple's publicist, who was in Rome yesterday, where Cruise was filming "Mission Impossible 3," with an adoring Holmes close by.

Read the following interview excerpts and draw your own conclusions.

How happy is Katie?

"Really happy," she gushed, at the "Batman Begins" L.A. premiere. "I don't care, I'm so happy," she told People. "I mean, I'm just so happy," she confessed to W magazine. "I love celebrating our happiness." "I'm very, very happy," she crowed at the "Batman Begins" London premiere, then drove the point home for the British women's Web site Female First, "I'm very happy. Very, very happy - the happiest I've ever been. I've never been happier." Tom's happy too. "I can't restrain myself," he told Matt Lauer on "Today." "I'm really happy."

Are her feelings complicated?

"I'm totally in love... I just love loving him," Katie told People. "I'm so in love," she revealed at the "Batman Begins" premiere in New York. "I'm so in love with Tom," she went on to tell London's Evening Standard. "I love him," she told W.

Are they meant for each other?

"He's my man! He's my man!" Katie shrieked to W, when a jewelry gift from Cruise arrived. "My woman! My woman!" Cruise whooped on "Oprah.''

Is there anything out of the ordinary about these two?

"She's extraordinary!" exclaimed Cruise, on his now-famous "couch-jumping" episode of "Oprah.'' "She's an extraordinary woman." How do you say ''extraordinary'' in Italian? Well, saying it in English works, even if you're in Rome. "She is an extraordinary woman," he said, at the David di Donatello 2005 ceremonies in Italy. Holmes reciprocates this sentiment. "He's extraordinary. . . amazing," she said, in an interview with the Inquirer News Service, a news service in the Phillipines. She also used the word "amazing" in People and London's Evening Standard. Apparently, the feeling is mutual. "This woman is amazing. She's just, you know, amazing," he told Oprah.

Who wears the pants in this relationship?

"He's made my life," Holmes said at the "Batman" premiere in Los Angeles. "I would be honored to work with Tom," she told People. "That would be such an honor. Such an honor," she gushed to W. "It's a pleasure and a privilege to be with him."

When asked about a possible role for her in "Mission Impossible 3," she told the Inquirer News, "My role is going to be to pull my chair right behind the monitor and watch and support my man." "He's my hero," she told Female First.

Tom's a funny guy.

"He made me laugh like I've never laughed before," Holmes told People. "He makes me laugh like I've never laughed," she shared with W.

So what's he really like?

"He is the most loving, generous man . . . he wants to help people," Holmes explained in her W magazine interview. "He's generous," she told People. No arguments from Cruise there. "I help a lot of people," told Oprah. ". . . you know, I'm kind of known for that."

Isn't Tom ever at a loss for words?

"It's that thing where you just - in life, when it just happens, Matt. You know? It just - you meet someone. And it's - I can't even describe it." That's, er, extraordinary, Tom.
Tuesday, July 5th, 2005
2:39 pm
Tom Cruise continues his more-than-we-want-to-know tour.

The “War of the Worlds” star recently revealed to a German magazine that he enjoys sex. “Sex is great, if you are in a relationship,” Cruise told Bild magazine. “Otherwise, I find sex actually not so interesting. Without a relationship it is confusing.”

The psychiatry-bashing celeb touched on many topics in the wide ranging interview. Regarding fianceé Katie Holmes, Cruise said: “Our chemistry has clicked. We are so alike. I believe I have found the right one. And I want more children.”

And on the issue of mortality, he said, “The exterior is only one covering. I believe in rebirth. I do not have a fear of life or death.”
Saturday, July 2nd, 2005
11:13 am
Friday, July 1st, 2005
8:11 am
NEW YORK - Brooke Shields took aim at Tom Cruise's "Today" show diatribe against antidepressants, saying the drugs helped her survive feelings of hopelessness after the birth of her first child. In an op-ed piece published Friday in The New York Times, Shields criticized what she called Cruise's "ridiculous rant."

Cruise had criticized the actress for taking the drugs, and became particularly passionate about the issue in an interview on "Today" last week.

"You don't know the history of psychiatry. I do," Cruise told Matt Lauer.

He went on to say there was no such thing as chemical imbalances that need to be corrected with drugs, and that depression could be treated with exercise and vitamins.

"I'm going to take a wild guess and say that Mr. Cruise has never suffered from postpartum depression," Shields wrote.

She added that Cruise's comments "are a disservice to mothers everywhere. To suggest that I was wrong to take drugs to deal with my depression, and that instead I should have taken vitamins and exercised shows an utter lack of understanding about postpartum depression and childbirth in general."

Shields said she considered swallowing a bottle of pills or jumping out the window at the lowest point of her depression following the birth of her daughter, Rowan Francis, in 2003. A doctor later attributed her feelings to a plunge in her estrogen and progesterone levels and prescribed the antidepressant Paxil.

"If any good can come of Mr. Cruise's ridiculous rant, let's hope that it gives much-needed attention to a serious disease," she wrote.

Shields described her post-childbirth experiences in the book "Down Came the Rain: My Journey Through Postpartum Depression."

Cruise is a follower of Scientology, a religion that teaches that psychiatry is a destructive pseudo-science.

In an interview with AP Radio Wednesday night, Kelly Preston, who is also a Scientologist, defended the actor's "Today" show comments about Shields. "If you're going to be advocating drugs, which she does in her book, you need to be responsible for also telling the people of the potential risks."

Preston also said Cruise's heated debate with Lauer was "very helpful because it's just raised awareness. People are talking about it now, and that's what they should be."

"Whatever your political, social or religious background, this is an issue that affects all of us," she said. "It is not just a Scientology issue."
Wednesday, June 29th, 2005
7:55 pm
7:52 pm


Insane in the membrane!

7:50 pm
7:49 pm
2:44 pm




We're not alone in universe, says Tom Cruise 

 - Hollywood actor Tom Cruise not only battles creatures from outer space in his latest film "War of the Worlds," he also believes aliens exist, he told a German newspaper on Wednesday. Asked in an interview with the tabloid daily Bild if he believed in aliens, Cruise said: "Yes, of course. Are you really so arrogant as to believe we are alone in this universe? "Millions of stars, and we're supposed to be the only living creatures? No, there are many things out there, we just don't know," Cruise, 42, said in the interview published in German. Cruise is a follower of the Scientology church founded by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, and his recent willingness to discuss the faith has raised eyebrows in the media. Most controversially, Cruise criticized actress Brooke Shields for revealing she had taken antidepressants. An official Scientology Web site argues that people should live drug-free. Cruise also dismissed psychiatry as a "pseudo science," invoking the ire of the American Psychiatric Association that called the remarks "irresponsible." But many scientologists feel they are unfairly criticized, arguing that although many believe in the concept of aliens, it is not such an unreasonable proposition, and that the side effects of some medication are not fully understood. Cruise's new film "War of the Worlds" is based on British writer H.G. Wells' 1898 story of the invasion of Earth by Martians.

1:31 pm
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